Latest Release: “WOMb” EP

Named after her talented accordion-playing grandfather, Deryk is the moody electronic pop solo project of London-born, Auckland-based songwriter Madeline Bradley. She started to use the Deryk name around 2015, after which point she enlisted the production techniques of Justyn Pilbrow to achieve the sounds that she heard in her head. By late 2020, Universal New Zealand had issued her first EP, WOMb, a collection of calm but woozy tracks not too far removed from the output of Lorde or James Blake.

︎︎︎ 2021 Apra Silver Scroll Finalist
︎︎︎ Label: Univeral Music / Republic
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Mara TK       
Latest Release: “Bad Meditation” LP
While Electric Wire Hustle’s globally acclaimed career has seen the Māori-Scottish singer wonder all across the world, his 2021 debut solo album ‘Bad Meditation’ redirects the trajectory of the cosmic star known as Mara TK.  The debut grounds the multi-instrumentalist in deeply personal topics about his home in Aotearoa.

︎ 2021 Apra Silver Scroll Finalist
︎ Label: Extra Soul Perspective / YGB (NZ)
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MGMT + (Sync)
New Record: “Personal Paradise” (2022)

The sunset escape project of left handed Aquarian Jordan Arts. Bursting with colourful juxtapositions of blue-eyed soul, electronica, R&B and house, the producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist creates his own brand of textural self-assured modern music.

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Sync + (Producer MGMT)
Latest Release: “BUNGA” (SWIDT) 

With a passport yeilding 'ONEHUNGA' as place of birth, Auckland's south central creative swings two katanas as songwriter and producer. Founding member of SWIDT, INF's characteristics shine through his craft and it's obvious that he is good at what he does, with more than 10,000 hours put in and a multi award winning album under his belt, production credits with CJ FLY of ProEra, the acknowledgement of Timbaland, you will know that he does not hold back at being a perfectionist. 

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MGMT + (Sync)
Latest Release: “Quitter” Single

Through an experimental approach to alt-pop production with a focus on infectious melodies, Wells* has begun to channel his increasingly diverse musical influences into a sound which is distinctly his own.